De Anza Elementary


San Jacinto Unified School District

School Counseling Program


SJUSD Elementary School Counseling Vision Statement

The Elementary School Counseling Program strives to partner with staff, parents, and community stakeholders to provide a safe and caring learning environment where our students grow and develop into high-achieving learners. The program will equip our students for the opportunities and demands of the 21st century by offering differentiated, effective, and rigorous curriculum. All students practice safe, respectful, and responsible behaviors preparing them to be successful members of their community.



SJUSD Elementary School Counseling Mission Statement

The mission of the Elementary School Counseling Program is to ensure that all of our students receive equitable access to the knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary to achieve academic success, college and career readiness, personal growth, and social responsibility to become contributing members of their world and community.



School counselors are important members of the San Jacinto Unified School District’s education team. School counselors help all students in the areas of academic achievement, personal/social development and career development.


As an elementary school counselor, I can help students with:

  •        Working out friendship problems
  •        Setting goals
  •        Working well with others
  •        Feeling good about yourself
  •        Learning how to make decisions
  •        Managing your feelings
  •        Academic Success
  •        College and Career Development



Many of the services I can provide include:

  •      Classroom Lessons:
    •       Meet the Counselor
    •       Bully Prevention
    •       Test Taking Strategies
    •       College and Career Readiness Skills
    •       Violence Prevention: Early Warning Signs
    •       Whole Body Listening
    •       Second Step
  •       Small Group Counseling (grief, divorce, social skills and study skills)
  •       Brief Solution-Focused Individual Counseling
  •       Parent Consultations
  •       Parent Workshops
  •       Community Resource Referrals
  •       Crisis Response Counseling



*Please note: school counselors are not therapist and do not do “therapy”. Referrals for outside counseling services are available for children experiencing issues that may require therapy.



Your School Counselor is:

Sara Duenas

Wednesday and Thursday

8:15 am -3:30 pm

951-654-4777 ext.3335

Tips for Parents


As a parent, you have a special interest in your child's education. As you become more involved, here are some basic tips that you may use at home:


Talk Often: Do you know how your child feels about her classroom, her teacher, and her classmates? If not, ask her. Talk with her about what she likes and doesn’t like at school. Give her a chance to express her anxieties, excitements, or disappointments about each day, and continue to support and encourage her by praising her achievements and efforts.

Show Interest: Don’t limit your support to your child; extend it to her teachers as well. Meet the teachers and stay in regular contact by phone or e-mail so that you can discuss any concerns as they arise. Not only will it pave the way for you to ask questions, but it will also make the teachers more comfortable with calling you if they have concerns about your child.

Expect Success: Perhaps the most important way you can support your child’s efforts at school is to expect him to succeed. That doesn’t mean that you demand he be the best student or the best athlete or the best artist. Rather, let him know that you expect him to do “his best” so that he’ll be proud of what he can accomplish.


If you make that expectation clear and provide a home environment that promotes learning, then your child will have a greater chance of becoming the best student he can be.

Helping Students Succeed


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