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House System

We developed a house system modeled after the Ron Clark Academy during the 2019-20 school year and are looking to expand on it this school year.  The house system is designed to promote unity, provide students opportunities to connect across grade, promote core character traits, and create a sense of pride.  De Anza will have Four Houses, yet we are One Family. 


Our Houses are:


Kuamua--Swahili for Determined

Honestidad--Spanish for Honest

Qwicha"aantum--Luiseno for Compassion

Quantum--Latin for Respect


All students and staff will be divided into the four houses, and students will remain in their house their entire time at De Anza.  Students will have the opportunity to participate in House Fridays which is where they promote the pride of their house, learn unique skills, and celebrate the house point leaders for each week.  


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NOTE: Please only buy the house gear for the house your child was assigned.