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About De Anza

Built in 1988 and located in Western San Jacinto, De Anza Elementary is a TK-5 elementary school.
De Anza is home to around 700 students ranging from Transitional Kindergarten to 5th grade.  We are focused on student learning and are dedicated to ensuring we build positive relationships with our students, staff, and families. 
De Anza currently maintains 45 classrooms, a comprehensive school library, a volunteer center, a multi-purpose room, and a learning center.  Books and materials are supplied for every student on campus and students have access to all activities hosted, sponsored or offered by De Anza Elementary, our staff, and our PTA.  All classrooms are now 1:1 with Chromebooks for students to learn and use technology on a regular basis. 
Our school district supports healthy lifestyles for all of our students and recognizes the direct correlation it has on student achievement.  Because of this, De Anza Elementary will follow the District’s Nutrition Guidelines.  We ask for parent support in this movement. Students will be encouraged to bring Healthy Snacks to school. Cupcakes, cookies, candy, cakes, and other sweets are NOT ALLOWED and will not be accepted in the office or distributed to students during school hours.

We welcome and invite our parents and community members to become involved in our students education and participate in are many wonderful activities.

Feeder Schools: Monte Vista Middle School